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In my wife's hands now.

Well, I finally made it: finished the edit of my WIP and handed it to my lovely, patient wife to read through. I printed the manuscript out double spaced, which makes it easier for Pat to make her red line entries. She comes up with some remarkable insights at times, and I’m beholden to her for taking on the job. Next step will be to edit the MS again, before thinking about a book launch. But before I can do that, I need a jacket. Fortunately I have persuaded our son, Terry to take on that task. He designed all my other jackets, so I’m confident I’m in good hands.

I had a problem last week with Lightning Source. After uploading my corrected, interior file for Past Imperfect, I found a blank page in the digital proof. Although IS wouldn’t acknowledge it at first, they eventually admitted causing the problem by reloading the previous file: the one with the blank page in it. I was finally able to approve the digital proof and order a copy last Thursday. I am expecting it today. If it is better than the paperback I have from CreateSpace, I will order twenty copies or so for my book launch on the 13th. I have several to hand but don’t expect to sell too many at the launch. But I’m sweating on that single copy to turn up before I can do anything.

Since writing my last blog entry, I have sat in on a webinar with Mark Dawson and Nick Stephenson, learning about Facebook advertising. Although the facts and figures produced by these authors are mouth-watering, I still see other authors complaining of their disastrous FB campaigns where very few books are sold. I expect I will aim my advert at potential subscribers, and by that I mean advertising my permafree novel, The Eagle’s Covenant. If I can attract a large number, then they will benefit from my second, free novel, The Devil’s Trinity. And if any of you reading this blog have not looked into my offer, why not do that now? By downloading the permafree book you will have a thriller that has attracted plenty of reviews and is currently averaging 4 stars. Why not try it now and pick up a second, free book?

This evening I am off to the CHINDI meeting where we’ll be planning our One Big Launch and the Christmas market stall. There has already been an invitation to produce a book event at Worthing Library next year, and we are also planning an event with other writers’ groups. Plus we have an event pencilled in for the Chichester Festival. I’m sure there will be more to come. You can check out our website and learn more about what we do and where we’re at. So on the whole, I think that with what’s coming and my own plans, the literary future looks a little brighter. Wish me luck!

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