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My on-line quest, but not just for readers.

Where do I begin? It’s been quite a week one way or another. It’s really all been about my book and my Facebook advertising campaigns, although there were some developments on the domestic front. No, we’re still married. It was about saucepans and kitchen tiles because we are having our kitchen upgraded next week. Induction hobs need saucepans that work, so a new set had to be purchased. Oh yes, and Bluetooth headphones. We have a Samsung Smart TV, which cannot pair with any old Bluetooth headphones, despite the claims of all and sundry. Samsung admitted to me that they have a compatibility problem with such headphones, which was the reason my Phillips headphones wouldn’t pair. And Phillips told me that they were only really intended for mobile phones. The headphones were returned to Amazon and the money was refunded. Thank you, Amazon. I also found that Samsung Bluetooth headphones are about as rare as hen’s teeth. Even the websites Samsung recommended didn’t recognise the search request.

Anyway, back to the Facebook adverts. I have been running a ‘sign-up’ campaign which ended on the 29th, the day of my book launch. The advert ran for ten days and netted me 90 subscribers: a good result compared to the one a day I pick up through my permafree book. I now have 531 (last count). I will probably run that campaign again later this year. The reason it stopped on the 29th was because I launched another FB campaign for my latest thriller, A Dangerous Game. In three days I have managed to sell just over 90 eBooks. It has made my sales rankings look good, putting me up to 34,000: a leap from about 200,000, a place I usually inhabit. I know it isn’t quite the rarefied level the top writers reach, but it’s better than being down among the bottom feeders (for a change).

So what now? I have a couple of small promotions to be aired tomorrow, and one maybe later in the week. After that, dependent upon results, I may try some direct approaches on-line until I feel the promotion has run its course. Then I will put the price up and go back to pushing for sign-ups. Another thought running through my mind is to try a box set of some of my books. It isn’t something I’ve given any real thought too, but it might help to draw attention to me and my titles, and encourage people to keep buying.

For any of you who haven’t seen my latest title and may want to purchase it at the low price of £0.99/$0.99, click the link: for USA. The UK link is Wish me luck!

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