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Getting some results

Lots of things happened this week because we are getting closer to our holiday. A trip to the travel agent, the clothes shop, the boutique and the dentist — not all for me of course. But that’s preparation and making sure you have the priorities right. I did get some new Tee shirts, I must admit, but I was pressurised into buying them. (Must be a soft touch). There seems to be so much to do and so much to think about that it leaves little room for writing. I received an email from Paula at BookHub giving me the names of those lucky winners who had chosen my book The Devil’s Trinity as their choice of book, which left me with little option but to type out a congratulatory message along with the download link. I’ve asked all those who won (about 25 people) to put a review up on Amazon for me. What will be more interesting, I think, is how many of those who won will send me a thank you email or even put up a review.

I am still hanging in there with the AMS ads. Last month my average sales combined with D2D were just over one a day. This month started in a similar fashion, but a slight improvement has lifted my average to two a day. I hope it will continue to improve at that rate and give me a good return on my investment. At the moment I’m losing money, but because it’s my hobby, I’m prepared to accept it. While we’re away I will keep a close eye on my AMS ads in case they get out of hand. To date, over three weeks, I have spent about $29, so I’m not exactly breaking the bank.

I also got back to my WIP with a vengeance almost. I introduced a character which I believe has changed the whole shape of the plot, and given me something of a lift. In fact the character was already part of the story, but not involved in any of it and there was no plan to change that. Then suddenly it all kicked in, and now I can see a definite outline bringing the plot to a conclusion which had been open-ended and bugging me. Once we’re back from OZ, I might be able to get on with some serious writing.

I also contacted one of our Chindi group about designing a cover for one of my current titles. It was a kind of ‘toe in the water’ approach really. I have done my own covers using Photoshop, but am now thinking of seeing how much of an improvement a professionally designed cover will do when it comes to promotion and marketing. It will need a lot of sales to cover the cost of the work, I know, but it will be a subjective experiment. If I like the result (of the sales, not the artwork) I would be tempted to go the whole hog for my current WIP when it’s finally ready.

Yesterday we spent some time with our No.3 son and his wife in Dorset. Walked with the dogs through the woods and parkland, had home-made pizzas for lunch (our boy is an excellent cook) and generally chilled out before tackling the mad, crazy A27 drive home. Fortunately the drive was uneventful, which make a change.

Getting closer now. One week today and we’ll be airborne. Then no more WIP for a while, enjoy some sightseeing round Dubai, OZ and Singapore. Spend my royalties. Dig into my savings and come home to the news that some film impresario wants to make a film of my book (anyone!). Wish me luck!

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