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This is my first post on this blog page.

I didn’t get to the scan; it was postponed at the last moment. I’m on my way there tomorrow. Results to come next Tuesday 22nd. So, what have I been up to? I had a weekend in UK; travelled over there to see the British Speedway Grand Prix at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff. I always stay with our son, John and we go together. It’s nice in that it gives me a lot of time to be with my boy; something most fathers treasure. I certainly do. The speedway was good too. The trip back from Bournemouth with RyanAir was one of the best I’ve had. My flight was the only one out which meant the airport was virtually empty. We left on time and landed ten minutes earlier than expected. Before leaving UK I took the family out for a pub lunch. Nice one just outside Bournemouth airport called The Curlew.

On the book front, I have a promotion going today for THE DEVIL’S TRINITY. It will be free. At the moment it is on as well as Amazon. I’ll leave it on free for a while; see how it goes. I haven’t sold any of that title for several weeks, so it needs a bit of a lift.

I have also started a new website through the web builder WIX. I have been trying to build a new site with the help of our son, Terry, but it got too complicated in the end. Eventually we decided to go with WIX. Within ninety minutes I had almost completed the website and couldn’t believe how simple it was. I will be going public with it later this week, once I have played around with it.

My next step in the book game is to load THE EAGLE’S COVENANT on to Smashwords, and then Amazon. I have had the book on Amazon for a couple of years now, but it has always been under the publisher’s name of Acclaimed Books. I will be listed as the publisher, which gives me hands on control of price changes and promotions etc. Eventually I will have all my titles with me as publisher. If I can do this right, have a manageable website and a good marketing strategy (I live in hopes), then I should be able to enjoy the kind of sales figures I see with other, more successful writers. Wish me luck!

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