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Things done and things to do

I had my scan last Tuesday. No dramas there and back home in time for lunch. Wednesday we picked up our friends, Kath and Don, from the airport; back home in time for lunch. Thursday was different: we drove down to Alfoquia in Almeria province to visit more friends; Ray and Lynn. Spent a few hours with them and had lunch in Albox, then departed for a small village up in the hills called Los Colorados. This was where our niece, Becky was on holiday with her husband Jason and daughter Lox (Lauren). We haven’t seen Becky for about ten years, so it was a wonderful opportunity to see her and chat about all sorts of things. We left there early evening and arrived home, no, not in time for lunch, but in time for bed! The remainder of the week was normal of course: back to shopping and writing.

I had a book promotion last Monday with BookBlast (Book Sends). I could tell by the change in my rankings that the promotion was successful. One earlier than that also resulted in a positive rank change. I’m in a transitional period at the moment (in more way than one) and am in the process of transferring my titles from Acclaimed Books Ltd. to my own account on Amazon. To date I have published THE EAGLE’S COVENANT on Smashwords and uploaded it today on Amazon with my name as publisher. I withdrew all my titles from the Kindle Select programme because it was of little use to me and prevented me having the freedom to market and promote my books in the way I felt was more beneficial to me; bearing in mind that I am not a best-selling author. For that reason I have no interest in Amazon’s new initiative: Kindle Unlimited. Now that I have joined Smashwords, my titles that are with them will also be available on Sony, Nook, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, Scrib’d and Overview. I intend using their marketing tools. At the moment THE EAGLE’S COVENANT is listed as free on their current promotion which expires July 31st. I probably don’t have enough of a name with them (if any), but at least I was able to catch the tail end of the promotion. Hopefully I will have another of my fiction titles with them soon.

So what’s next? Well, tomorrow is D-Day in more ways than one. I have an appointment with my specialist and should be getting the results of the PET scan I had last week. Depending on what she has to say, we will either be making plans to return to UK or bedding down for the long haul in Spain. Wish me luck!

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