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Almost back in business

Its three weeks now since I wrote my last blog entry and a great deal has happened in that time. Most of it, probably all of it, has been to do with re-inserting ourselves back in the British way of life, and what a pleasure it has been. This doesn’t mean that our previous Spanish way of life was inferior to what we are discovering over here in England, but it’s all so ‘user friendly’, if that’s the right way to put it. No doubt a major element of that is the language and how natural it all seems to us. There’s no need to continually translate as we go along, and dealing with officialdom and bureaucracy has not been the drama we thought it might be. We’ve completed the major purchases that were necessary: park home, car, TV and TV license, suite of furniture and assorted bits and bobs, and have dealt with learning our way around Bognor and the local area. We’ve been to two churches but will continue looking until we find one in which we feel “right”. We attended one this morning and was amazed when they announced a coffee break twenty minutes after the service started.

So what’s the plan now? For me it’s all about getting back into the swing of writing while getting on with the jobs that need doing around the home. Two days after arriving here, the proofs of my next novel turned up. I was expecting them, but because there had been a delay in receiving them (my decision), I had to crack on and read them through. They are now back with my publisher. The book is due out in January, and the e-book will be released in February. Something to look forward to.

I also need to get back to my marketing and promotion work. It’s amazing how disconnected I feel simply by not being involved in pushing my current Amazon titles. My sales have dropped considerably while I’ve been ‘off the air’ for three weeks, and I really need to get back into that area as soon as I can. I have one or two marketing ideas up my sleeve, but not being an expert in that field, I will have to rely on my very subjective way of promoting myself. Wish me luck!

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