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Starting well.

January 10, 2015

I’m a little early with my blog post this week, but sometimes I’m a little late. The first couple of weeks of 2015 look promising for what my progress in the literary world could be like. I have seen a short lift in my book sales, although nothing to get too excited about. I also attended the Chindi writers group in Chichester, and will be going up to London for the International Thriller Writers’ Organization’s European meeting.

Meeting with the Chindi group was something of an eye-opener, considering the progress the group has made since it began one year ago. Looking at their website ( will give it all in greater detail, but suffice it to say that they have engaged with the reading public locally through seminars, workshops, TV and radio, and on You Tube. They have a good programme lined up for 2015 and I am looking forward to being an active member of the group.

The International Thriller Writers (ITW) meeting came right out of the blue. I joined this group about five years ago and became a contributing editor for them. I gave that up after a couple of years because I could see little benefit for me in what was a predominantly, American group whose meetings were always held in USA, and celebrated with a big bash in New York once a year. Many of the big hitters in the thriller game were members including such big names as Lee Child, Steve Berry, Jeffrey Deavour etc. So for a small fish like me swimming in a big pool, it was largely a waste of time. But out of the blue I received an e-mail from J. Penn of the ITW to say they would be holding their second meeting for European members in February. Having put myself out of the loop, so to speak, I had been unaware there had been a first meeting. Apparently it had been held at the home of Peter James: one of UK’s biggest crime writers. This second meeting will be in London, and I’m looking forward tremendously to rubbing shoulders with the big guns. It won’t be a complete waste of time for me because I will be meeting my grandson, Adam, and taking him out to lunch.

On the home front I have been busy uploading my second title, Hell’s Gate, to Amazon and CreateSpace. The proof copy of the Eagle’s Covenant is already on its way (took me ages to get that right), and I have ordered a proof copy of Hell’s Gate. At the same time I am still battling with PhotoShop; trying to learn the rudiments of that programme for when I prepare my other titles for Amazon and Smashwords.

Domestically it has been a time of buying furniture, arranging hospital appointments, birthday celebrations and looking forward to celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary. Oh, and giving serious thought to booking a cruise to Alaska. Busy times ahead, eh? Wish me luck!

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