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Puzzles, posers and a piece of blue sky

March 15, 2015

Another week where I’m learning more about myself and, in some way, the truth about how clever I am. I wish I could say that I’m as good as the next man and when the challenge comes to writing I’m quite happy to throw my hat into the ring. I know I’ll never come out on top, but at least I have hats (books) that put me in a position from where I can compete. But when it comes to understanding so-called simple instructions on how to put together a social marketing project, I find myself trailing way behind. Of course I’m talking about Nick Stephenson’s remarkable project and how easy it is to be tripped up by the simplest of things. No, Nick hasn’t set out to trip anyone up. Everything he puts out is straight up and unequivocal. But from time to time he uses that phrase, ‘It’s quite simple; it will only take a few minutes’ (or words to that effect). And that’s where the fun starts. It’s like trying to put together a jigsaw and you can’t find the piece that’s missing: that vital corner of blue sky or green leaf. It’s only a small thing but you’re lumbered until you find it. And that’s how it is with my efforts to put together Nick’s simple instructions. He even shows you the steps for goodness sake. Even a ten year old child could do it. But there’s always those few words or sentence he has omitted, and that’s where the trouble starts. But I’m getting there slowly: I have managed to prepare a landing page with all the links necessary to download the free offer I’m making. I have also managed to produce two of the necessary forms on my mail service provider (MailChimp). All that remains is to join them all up. Now, where’s that piece of blue sky?

Some of the authors on Nick’s course have gone ahead in leaps and bounds. One guy spent all day on something like 28 books over fifteen hours and had it all sorted before he went to bed. But there are others who are struggling too, so I’m not alone. It’s true to say though that at times like this, it’s important to walk away from it for a while. So last Thursday, me and Pat went to London on a coach trip to the Imperial War Museum. It was a good day out and kept me away from my computer. The following day I went across to Dorset to play snooker with our son, John. I know he reads this blog and I know he won’t mind me saying that I hammered him. But once he gets his eye in it won’t be too long before the boots on the other foot, and I’ll be claiming that I’m handicapped by my age. Not that he’ll care, so long as he can get his revenge.

We managed a trip to the cinema; watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Good fun, complete nonsense, but loveable nonsense. It makes such a change from all the extreme violence and swearing that litters a lot of films these days. Bit like thriller writing in a way I suppose; so I shouldn’t complain.

Next week means more hospital appointments. I’m due for my bi-monthly medication. It shouldn’t take long now because I had the “port” removed from my chest last week which means a shorter appointment because of a different process. Pat has a trip to the eye clinic for her treatment. It’s my birthday next week, so no doubt I’ll be swamped with birthday cards, presents, phone calls…… Where was I? Oh yes; hospital appointments. So life goes on. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll have cracked the DNA of Nick’s instructions and will be on a roll. Wish me luck!

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