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Getting over hurdles

March 21, 2015

As each week passes, I find myself thinking what an eventful week it has been. But I suppose we can all say that about our week. I did manage to pass one milestone in my promotion and marketing efforts; and that was the opening of an e-mailing list. I always assumed (stupidly) that subscription lists were for the prolific authors: those who knocked out several books a year, but I have learned a great deal more about the way forward. My biggest problem was setting up an e-mail list with MailChimp and putting in place something to attract readers to my list. After several doomed efforts and staring vacantly at my screen, I was able, eventually, to put a service into place. I used two of my sons as guinea pigs; just to ensure I had everything right, and I can now boast of actually having people signing up. It’s a great feeling, and I need to make sure that I don’t spoil everything by going overboard and bombarding my subscribers with e-mails. One of the first steps I have taken is to include a page at the front and back of my permafree book, The Eagle’s Covenant, asking readers to subscribe. In return for this I am offering a free copy of another of my books, The Devil’s Trinity. Anyone can download the book and unsubscribe immediately if they want, but I’m hoping they will wait and see what other offers I come up with. At the moment I am in the process of securing seven of my titles. These will all eventually be on-line under my name (as publisher), which will give me control over pricing etc. I intend, from time to time, to drop the prices and offer them to my subscribers. There will be other tid-bits of course, but what I will not do is plague the lives out of people. I will also be posting the subscription link wherever I can in the hope that I can build my list. And for anyone reading this blog who might be interested, here’s the link:

The important thing for me is to persuade potential readers that I have a genuine talent for writing thrillers and action stories. But no-one is going to believe the self-hype of a writer, and the only way I can convince people is to offer them a chance to read some of my stuff for free.

I will also let my readers know how close I am to completing my next book. At the moment I have had to shelve it so that I could establish a route into the marketing world; something that has been beyond me. I hope to pick up my novel again fairly soon, and, providing I don’t find any other excuses, I will do my level best to have it ready before the end of summer. And one thing is certain: I will be giving my subscribers an opportunity to purchase the book at an introductory low price.

One of the biggest hurdles for a writer like me is cracking the American market. I’ve seen reviews of my books (not too many, I must admit) where the complaint is that I’m an English writer writing about things American. I can understand that, but then the review is about me rather than the content of the book. I never have a problem reading American authors and their colloquialisms, the American spelling etc. Let’s face it: we’ve been brought up on a diet of Hollywood and American writers, so it doesn’t faze us. But not all my books are set in America. Anyone looking at my author page on Amazon ( will see there is quite a variety.

So, why not sign up, pick up a free book and hang in there for the ride? It could be fun. Hopefully my e-mail list will grow. Wish me luck!

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