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Building Blocks

July 25th.

The interview on Angel radio went well. I don’t know when it will be live on air, but it will be shared around on my blog and other social media. Monday evening was a photo shoot with the CHINDI group. It was quite an event in a way. The shoot was supposed to be organised in such a way that we all knew when we were due to have our pictures taken. In the end it was a glorious kind of melee where we all had individual shots, then a cluster of group shots. The event lasted about an hour or so and, had we not all been responsible adults, it could have turned out to be quite an evening considering we were in a pub. I told the photographer that my facial shots often show up my dodgy, front tooth (it’s getting old!). He told me not to worry; he would sort that with Photoshop. By the way: have you noticed how ‘Photoshop’ is now a verb? I’m practising my skills with it, but more later.

The only medical appointments me and Pat had this week were at the dentist, so a little more free time than usual. I managed to get my lawn cut in between the rainy spells, and Pat found more stuff to plant in the garden. We paid my younger brother a visit. He is virtually housebound, so it helps to pop over there for a chat. His wife is always pleased to see us.

Another visit, but this time two of our friends, Ray and Lynn, from Spain. They came over on the ferry, landing at Portsmouth late evening. We gave them a bed for the night so they could continue their journey to Manchester the following day. It was nice to see them and it gave me an opportunity to chat about my books. Not too much though; just enough.

But visits and seminars wasn’t the only thing that took up my time; battling with Photoshop consumed a large part of it. Having completed the edit on my book, Past Imperfect, the next task was to create a jacket. To say I’ve been tearing my hair out would be an understatement: but it is such a complicated piece of software, it is very difficult to understand everything it can do and how to do it. I have used several, You Tube videos to learn about working with layers etc., but the biggest problem is the actual design. Not being terribly artistic in that department, I am dipping my toe in the water and hoping for the best. I could employ a professional, but I have another seven jackets waiting in the wings, so the overall expense could be quite prohibitive. The reason for this, by the way, is because I am re-publishing my back-lists, using my name as publisher. I have completed two so far (didn’t need PS for those), and have the rest to do. And because I have just received the UK paperback rights to my last two books from my publisher, it has added to my workload. I’m not complaining though: at least I have plenty to keep me out of mischief.

My Mail Chimp subscription list grows daily, which is a positive. I haven’t reached enormous numbers but have gone past the 300 mark. Next month I will have to send them all something. I don’t know what yet, but I do want to keep them onside. If any of you reading this want to add your name to my list, please click the link: And sometime this year I might even get back to working on my latest novel. Wish me luck!

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