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Projects and more projects

My week kicked off with another kind of project which meant a brief survey and a trip to B&Q (our major, D-I-Y outlet in UK). We are planning to change our kitchen round a bit and will have an electric cooker & hob installed in place of our gas cooker. But because we have no dedicated circuit for an electric cooker, yours truly has to put one in. It isn’t beyond my technical capability, but physically I’m getting too old for what we often referred to “house bashing” in the trade. B&Q couldn’t provide the right materials, so I bought them from an electrical supplier. I’m halfway through the installation, too old or not.

Monday evening was the night of our monthly CHINDI group meeting. We managed to get through a great deal of planning, with quite a schedule leading up to Christmas. I enjoy being part of this proactive group, even if it means getting involved in a ‘hands-on’ way and bringing stuff to the table. We are preparing for a charity event where we raise money for the charity, “Words4Wounded”. I don’t have much involvement in that other than to turn up, bring friends with money and my books.

We are also planning ahead for our ‘One Big Launch’. This will be a book launch by eight of us in the group, bringing our latest, self-published titles along. There will be a lot of time and effort invested in this, and although we are only at the early planning stage, there is already a growing list of things to do, including my own tasks.

On the home front, apart from crawling around beneath our Park Home getting covered in cobwebs and banging my head, I have made real progress with my book jacket. I have to admit though that I was going nowhere until our son, Terry, got involved. Having designed all my paperback jackets he had decided to leave this one to me. But when he realised I was struggling, he came up with the goods. I am in the process of uploading the files to CreateSpace. I’m holding back on the cover file for a day or so, just in case I want to make one or two tweaks. Next week should see the finished article.

Another surprise during the week: I received an e-mail from the Legal Deposit Libraries asking for five copies of The Devil’s Trinity. This is something that is required by law and I have an obligation as the registered publisher of the book to send them. I also have to send one to The British Library. This will be a requirement for all the titles I self-publish with a Nielsen registered ISBN number. Such is life in the book world.

So next week, hopefully, I will be able to knuckle down and crack on with my WIP. This is something I promised myself (at the beginning of this year), I would have completed by June. But other things just got in the way. Wish me luck!

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