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Editing: the good news and not so good.

Nothing last week, which was deliberate because I had little to say. This time there’s more but then no more for a while because we are off to Spain for a couple of weeks. The promotion for Roselli’s Gold with ENT went well. I sold 87 copies on the day of the promotion, and a few more after that. Not a huge amount, but at least the royalties will cover the cost of the promo. I shall be going quiet while in Spain, but when I get back, there will be some catching up needed. My permafree novel, The Eagle’s Covenant is still attracting downloads, but the average is around sixteen a day. Still OK, but could be better.

Last week I downloaded AutoCrit: a software editing programme. I find it very useful and annoying at the same time because it points out all the places in my narrative where I could improve. So far I am about one third of the way through and have edited something like 30,000 words. The statistic showing on the AutoCrit record says that I have examined over one million words so far. It looks a lot, but imagine what figure it will have reached by the time I finish the edit. Once that is done, I will print the manuscript off for my lovely wife to read through. She will use her red pen to point out my errors and I will then go through a final edit. Should be finished before Christmas.

I have had to jog the ear of Ingram Spark because they forgot to process the file I uploaded to them. It is now in ‘premedia’ and I should know by the end of the week that it’s ready for printing. I’ll be in Spain, but at least I can order a copy so that it is here when we get back home. Once I’m happy, I’ll order about twenty copies for the CHINDI’s One Big Launch in November.

I’ve been delivering brochures for our ‘Words for the Wounded’ event in October. I’m looking forward to that because it will be a good opportunity to be in a place where I can meet people who want to be there, listening to authors and, hopefully, buying their books. Mine too! It will be helpful as well, because if I sell more than just one book, it could give me an indication of how many I will need in the run-up to Christmas.

For those of you who haven’t already done so, why not have a look at my permafree book, The Eagle’s Covenant? There’s another freebie inside. See you all when I come back from Spain.

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