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Turning Pages and Looking Ahead

I made a start on my September advertising campaign on Facebook, and hope to see some return on my investment as we make our way through the month. I intend setting up another advert, and will switch from one to the other, just to see which one is delivering the best. I have already sold at least one of my three book box sets since the initial launch. It puts a smile on my face so long as I don’t compare myself to some of my web colleagues on the Nick Stephenson and Mark Dawson Facebook groups. Whereas most of us are certainly struggling to make sense of FB advertising and targeting audiences etc., some writers report successes that absolutely blow you away.

My current project is nearing the 50,000 word mark, and I believe I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If I can keep my current average up, I should complete the first draft just before Christmas. It’s a long way behind my first, optimistic target of a launch during the autumn, but it is what it is.

The results of the book stall at the Arundel Festival proved very good. We raised over £300 for Cancer Research and sold well over 100 books. It was a joint effort by the majority of the CHINDI group, but a word of thanks and praise must go to Carol Thomas ( who did most of the work and sold plenty of her novel, Crazy Over You. You can check it out at her website. The results we achieved mean that we will probably want to do it again at next year’s festival.

I received a request from an American author who I don’t know. He has asked me to review his eBook. It’s his first novel and not one that I would consider reading. But because it’s his first, it makes me think back to when I first published as an indie author and wanted to build up my reviews. I also thought back to when I had my first book published in 1980 and how chuffed I was at actually seeing my work in print. I have agreed to review this author’s book but have told him to be prepared for a harsh review, just in case I don’t like the book. I will not trash it though, because I made that mistake some months ago with a budding writer, and regretted it ever since. Hopefully it will be a good story and be well written.

I have also been featured in a short interview on Alexandra Amor’s website. Alexandra is an established, Canadian writer. You can read the interview at

Last but not least, we popped into the KIA garage this morning to have another look at the car we’ve ordered. We were not expecting it until the end of October. The salesman had a big smile on his face when he told us the car would be here within a week. He hadn’t intended to tell us until Monday, but seeing as we walked into the show room, he thought it would be better to tell us, just to see the smile on our faces.

What else? Well, I could win the lottery, I suppose. Wish me luck!

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