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Ups, downs and little moments.

Life is full of surprises, little ones I must admit, but they help to put a spring in your step and manage to counter those little disappointments that happen from time to time. I began advertising my three book trilogy on Facebook, but found the click rate quite high. I am forcing myself to wait about a week before addressing the problem, but I have managed to sell about twenty copies so far. Not ground-breaking, I know, but it’s a start. But that isn’t what put a smile on my face — someone has bought a copy of my book, The Sum of my Life (The early years). I only published the book as something of an experiment, never expecting anyone to want to read it, except my family, but they all received a copy from me anyway. I just hope that the person who bought the book will enjoy it. And maybe it will put a smile on their face too.

I have started the book I was asked to review by an American writer. It isn’t my cup of tea, but I did promise the guy I would finish the book and post a review. Perhaps I’ll put a smile on his face. It’s a Western. I haven’t read many of those over the last fifty years. I can remember the last one I read; it was written by an author friend of mine, Nik Morton who writes thrillers as well. Before that it was Zane Grey many, many years ago.

My WIP is nudging the 54000 word mark — well over half-way. But one of my characters keeps dragging me off in a direction I hadn’t planned on going, but in the process I came up with a little gem that will help me resolve part of the jigsaw at the end of the book. It shouldn’t be too difficult to fit in. I don’t think the reader will have seen it coming, and is one of those unexpected moments that leave the reader nodding in approval. I hope so anyway.

The meeting of our book group last Monday was busy, busy: lots of ideas flowing around about promotion etc. I will be meeting a rep. from a fledgling radio show in the area that wants to promote reading among its listeners. Trouble is, there is no radio studio! Goodness knows how they operate, but until I’ve met the rep. on Wednesday, I won’t know. I will try to look at it as a young, new group trying to make headway into an already overcrowded market place, rather like independent, self-published writers. Perhaps we can promote each other and grow together. Only time will tell.

Another addition coming to our house is a fish tank! We ordered one earlier this week. We get in about ten days. The Aquarium shop owner has warned me that if I do it right, it could be several weeks before I have a decent set-up. I figure that I should have it as pretty as a picture by Christmas. Perhaps I’ll have my first draft finished by then too. Wish me luck!

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