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Hopes and Aspirations

So as the New Year rolls in and our resolutions disappear, what are we looking forward to for 2017? I know the kind of things I would like to happen, and excluding the usual hopes for peace in the world and the disappearance of poverty and hunger, I look to material hopes. By this I mean something measureable, something tangible; and although I can’t physically touch my book sales figures, I would certainly hope to see a huge jump over my last year’s figures. I’m starting off with a Bookbub promotion for my title, The Devil’s Trinity. This will be on January 25th. I’ve scheduled a promotion on eReader News Today on the 28th. hopefully to take advantage of a lift in my rankings, which I can reasonably expect to happen. I will also look to Facebook ads. and hopefully link the benefits of the Bookbub promotion and encourage readers to dive in.

Another hope is that the launch of my latest book will be successful. The title is Where the Wicked Dwell. I’m planning to submit that to Kindle Scout. It means a delay of 30 days before I know if it has been accepted. The chances are slim because so much of the acceptance is down to the number of votes I can pick up from my followers and anyone else who wants to vote for me. If Amazon rejects it, I’ll prepare some kind of promotion myself and see what develops.

I have contacted two digital publishing houses — tongue in cheek really — and wonder if I’ll hear from them. Having been through the mill so many times before Amazon came along, I know exactly what it’s like chasing agents and publishers: I don’t expect anything to come of it. I have also made a date with another writer (Debbie Mack) for a live interview on Skype. This will take place in March. I will also be doing a cross promotion with best-selling author, Paula Wynn that month too. So, a few irons in the fire, all in the hope that I will see my books rise in the rankings and bring me more sales: something ‘tangible’.

As a new director of the CHINDI book group company (CIC), I will be meeting with my fellow directors next week for a brainstorming session. Sounds posh, I know, but this is simply four of us, who have to meet annually to comply with Company House rules etc. We’ll be looking at ways to improve the input our group have into the area around Chichester and hopefully beyond. We also need to come up with ideas that will benefit the whole group. There are some very good writers in CHINDI, including our award winning writer, Jane Cable. You can learn more about us and our books at

On the domestic front, we are planning a short trip to Spain at Easter (seats booked already) to say farewell to our previous Pastor, Roy Davies, at Torrevieja Christian Fellowship. The church is having a bash for Roy and his wife, Wendy. They are a lovely couple and have done such a tremendous job for the fellowship. It will nice to see them again, however briefly, and wish them all the best for their retirement. And, of course, we have to think of what we will be doing with our Cockapoo, Tuppence, while we’re away. So now begins the search for a suitable dog-sitting service. We’ve contacted one already and hopefully we won’t have to look much further.

Now you know what I have lined up for the early part of the year. I hope readers of this blog will have a lot to look forward to, and will enjoy whatever comes up. I wish you all the best of luck!

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