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Mind boggling

A pretty full week for me one way or another: most of it consumed by tackling PC problems, uploading files and generally scratching my head when I lose my way. My book sales have progressed at a reasonable pace, but nowhere near where I would like them to be (naturally); however, I believe I can see the results of becoming more involved with other authors and giving a few books away.

I have been exchanging emails with Ingram Spark as I struggled to understand exactly what was wrong with the files I uploaded for the paperback edition of my latest thriller, Where the Wicked Dwell. The rep was very patient and helped me through the process. Bearing in mind I have published four books with Ingram Spark, including a hardback, I began to wonder if I’d lost it completely. However, the last email I received was to say that it looked as though the files had been accepted and I would soon receive notification to that effect. I live in hopes.

I have been doing some promotion work for myself and others, including Paula Wynne ( with whom I agreed to work in exchange for Gold membership with Bookhub. It looks to be bearing fruit already with a few names being added to my subs list.

I also picked up the pen and added a few more words to my latest book. I’m still not sure where I’ll be going with it, but writing is better than not writing. The problem is that this is a sequel to The Eagle’s Covenant. It isn’t something I planned to do, but have had my ear chewed, particularly by my son John, about resurrecting Conor Lenihan, the main character in that novel. For those of you who have read the book, you will understand what my dilemma is. But hey, I’m a writer of fiction, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Should it?

On the subject of PC problems, it wasn’t my PC that was playing up, but the TP link between my Router and the PC. Before finding out what the fault was, I tried everything until my wife suggested I swop the plug-in links. I did this and it worked. Ha! Woman’s logic. Perhaps I should ask her to deal with my file upload problems.

My writers group, CHINDI, have been updating their website, choosing a new logo and generally trying to make the group more inclusive and expansive. We have a virtual meeting on Monday evening in place of our usual monthly gathering at a pub in Chichester. We also have a lot to offer other writers at

Sometime next week, I will be preparing something for the cross promotion I’m running for three other writers. I have an idea what I’ll prepare for myself, but I haven’t a clue what to expect from the others. They might even put me to shame with the quality of their promotion piece, but then I might be able to learn something from them. Wish me luck!

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