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Keeping different balls in the air.

Much has happened this week, but not all to do with writing. I’ve made a little progress with my WIP, but have been distracted by other things. I continued looking at the BookBub ads training video by Adam Croft to help understand all the information BookBub provides with regard to the ad. I had two running, but it soon became clear that I had made the wrong choice of author to follow (including me), so I created a single ad, and am now following Mark Gimenez. It’s too early to tell how successful that will be, but early signs are not too promising. However, I must be patient.

Another diversion was my decision to re-edit my book, Hell’s Gate: something I thought would not take too long. Needless to say it took up an enormous amount of time. It came about because I want to advertise this particular book on BookBub as a ‘Literary’ work of fiction on African, colonial history. I’ve always used the keyword ‘Action & Adventure’ for this book, but now I see it another way. It wasn’t until I started the process that I discovered I hadn’t released the paperback on CreateSpace, so that’s where it will be heading. I have it with Ingram Spark. I haven’t changed any of the text; this was simply a tidying-up exercise.

Last Monday, our book group CHINDI had an on-line meeting. Using the website, ZOOM, we get fifty minutes free where we can chat and see each other on screen. One of our writers, Christopher Joyce, gave us an update on his book launch the previous Saturday. He has published an ‘Alien Cook Book’ to complement his Children’s books. You can find Chris’s books in our shop at There are lots of other good titles of all genres in the shop, many of them priced low for Christmas.

Tomorrow, I am expecting the launch of my box set along with a bundle of other box sets in time for “Cyber Monday”. This is something the writer, Mike Continues, has put together with others. How successful this will be is anybody’s guess, but it can’t do no worse for my box set than it’s doing at present. The agreement is to run the promotion for six months. I live in hopes for that, but don’t expect much. When it kicks off, I’ll be sending out a newsletter to all my subscribers.

Five weeks to go now to Christmas. We are out on Wednesday, shopping at Winchester. I doubt if we’ll get all the presents we need, but it will not be for the want of trying. No doubt we could do this on-line, which would save our feet. It’s something we could do at leisure, but there’s nothing like traipsing round the shops, armfuls of carrier bags, and getting home to realise you’ve forgotten that important present. So long as I don’t forget my wife, I’ll be OK. Wish me luck!

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