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Meet and greet

There was no blog post from me last week because we spent a few days away: a couple up in Lincoln, then a weekend at our son’s place in Norfolk for a birthday party. His grandson, Harrison was six years old, and Harrison’s dad had moved into the thirties the day before. We had a great time, but it meant that there were things I needed to do that had to be put on the back burner; one of which was my WIP. In fact, it’s so far back I wonder it hasn’t gone up in flames.

The reasons I have neglected my book, apart from the short holiday, are because of trying to meet two deadlines: one for a reprint of my novel, The Devil’s Trinity, and the other to prepare a sermon for my church tonight at the evening service. Work on the ‘Trinity’ was necessary because Ingram Spark have a free offer to reprint, which must be met by May 31st. For me it was too good an opportunity to miss because I wanted to use a new jacket. It meant a lot of time on Photoshop playing around with layers and all the rigmarole that goes into that, seeking advice from my son, Terry, who designed most of my indie jackets, and also to proof read through the Word doc, making sure its as ‘clean’ as I can get it. I’m almost there, but have come up against a problem with page numbering. I can’t explain it here, but believe me, it’s a headache. If I can’t resolve it, I will have to edit again and risk missing the deadline.

I’ve finished my sermon. Its about loving your enemies: quite a hot potato, but from a Christian point of view, absolutely necessary. There are times when I would willingly wring someone’s neck, but have to temper that enthusiasm with Christian love. It can be difficult at times.

I received an unexpected email from author Will Patching to tell me I had won one of his books in a free draw. Naturally I thanked him and expected that to be that: simply wait for the book to turn up. But when he saw my address he contacted me again and said he would be in the area next month, so could deliver the book personally. In fact, it turns out his brother lives just round the corner from me, so he’s practically on my doorstep. I’m looking forward to having a hour or two with Will and picking his brains; I might learn something. In terms of success, Will is probably more successful than me. He is also a South Londoner, like me, so that gives us some common ground to talk about as well.

On the subject of south London, I’m off to my old school on Friday for a reunion. The school is in Battersea and used to be called Sir Walter St. John’s (Sinjuns). Now it’s called St. Thomas’s. It is also the school Prince George goes to. The reunion is more like a tour of the school for us old boys. I won’t know any of those who are attending, although I might have been a school mate of a couple. Who knows? I might even meet another successful author whose brains I can pick. Wish me luck!

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