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'Hims' ancient and modern

Well, I made it to my old school. Forty seven of us turned up. We were given stick-on name tags with our year. Mine was 1952. It meant I could reminisce with the other two old boys who were the same year as me. We didn’t know each other, which was to be expected. One of them became a scientist, while the other became a banker and went on to head up a global company as a Sales Executive in America. The oldest ‘old boy’ had 1948 on his label. The school was almost unrecognisable inside, whereas the frontage was exactly as I remembered it. Being a listed building, it couldn’t be changed. The school was founded by Sir Walter St. John in 1700. It was known as ‘Sinjuns’, but now it is St. Thomas’s. It’s in Battersea High Street, which has been smartened up since I saw it last. The visit brought back some happy memories, and a recall of funny stories. One chap spent some time looking for the initials he had carved on an oak panel in the school hall. He found more than his own.

I also picked up on my WIP: something that has been annoying me for some time. I can see a little more clearly now that other stuff has gone away. I’m reasonably happy with the way it’s going, but I still see some problems ahead. With luck I’ll have it finished by the end of the year.

I’m having fun and games republishing The Devil’s Trinity on Ingram Spark. Just when you think you’ve got it cracked, you receive that dreaded email to say there’s an error. My initial problem was in wanting to reduce the size, but I’d forgotten about the ISBN. Reducing the size meant starting again basically with a new ISBN. Fortunately I still have some which I purchased from Nielsen a few years ago. I will also publish the book on CreateSpace and upload a new eBook file for KDP.

Next week, Wednesday, I’ll be meeting the author, Will Patching. I’m looking forward to that. It’s always good to speak to writers who understand what it means to be a self-published author with all the difficulties that go with it; perhaps he can give me a few tips. That evening I’ll be at Littlehampton at The Steam Packet with fellow Chindi authors Isabella Muir and Helen Christmas. Rosemary Noble will be in control there so we don’t get carried away and spend too much time talking about ourselves! If you’re anywhere near the pub, why not drop in?

My book sales increased a little during last month. I think it’s down to my ads on BookBub. I will be putting up a new ad for June, but will use another title: possibly North Slope. I’m a bit reluctant to drop the price, but sometimes it’s inevitable if you want sales to increase. What I will have to do is see how the sales go with the current price of £2.99 and if it’s sluggish, then the price will have to come down. I am at least seeing sales with seven of my titles, which is good.

I’ve got a lot going on this month what with appointments, events, family visits etc., it’s a wonder I have any time to write and to catch up on the latest news and advice about promotion and marketing. Once I’ve sorted the puzzle out, I should soar. Wish me luck!

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