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Trying not to get diverted.

This week began with a Chindi Zoom meeting. Nine of us tuned in and managed to talk about a great deal. We were able to chat to John Hall who was beginning his ‘Author of the Week’ slot during which time we feature him and his book Under the Yew Tree. You can read about John and his novel at When we have these Zoom meetings, they can be quite amusing: rather like a bunch of amateurs producing a TV show. But we enjoy having them and it helps to bring faces together and to catch up in the flesh so to speak.

I said the week began with a meeting, but in fact it began with a visit from our No.3 great grandson, Orin. We love having him here, even though we have to make our home “baby friendly”. All the TV remotes have to be put up high, the telephone as well. He likes pushing buttons and even sees the small speakers on the TV sound bar as a source of button pushing joy. It was a lovely day, so we were able to have some time with him in the garden giving him a chance to play splash in the blow-up pool. It was a sunny day, so he was suitably covered in sun cream.

Of course, none of this was helping me with my dedication to learning more about promotion and marketing; not that I was too unhappy about that. But I have been busy studying Dave Chesson’s course on AMS keywords etc. I have the benefit of Mark Dawson’s excellent course on the subject, but I find Chesson’s course a little more forensic, and therefore a little more complicated. It’s strange how other experts come across with their advice. Dave Chesson recommended an ebook on AMS advertising by Brian D. Meeks. I’m just over half-way through the book and wonder why I’m even trying; it’s designed to frighten you off AMS altogether, I’m sure of it. Yes, all the information is there, but as a “student”, it’s clear to me that the teacher thinks the subject is a doddle. Nevertheless I shall pick the bones out of the advice, spend my money and watch my sales rocket. Really? Oh, where am I? Oh yes, back to reality — my learning curve. My sales have bottomed on Amazon, which means I need to persevere and hope the information sinks in.

During the week I received an email via my website from a reader who enjoyed my book, Past Imperfect. He wanted a free copy of my giveaway title, The Devil’s Trinity, but failed to realise it was an ebook and not a paperback. I checked the wording on my website and could see how someone could make the mistake in not realising it was only an ebook, and it was for my subscription list. Anyway, I have decided to send him a copy. I’ve changed the wording now on my front page. Incidentally, this is what he said about the book: I think Past Imperfect was one of the best, if not, the best of the books I have ever read. I like the way you tied the characters from the past to the current, very clever.

My other diversion this week (and the next four) is, of course, the World Cup. What else can I say other than “Come on England!” Wish me luck!

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