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Summer days and summer sales

So, football isn’t coming home after all, but the boys have given all of us football fans a fair share of highs and lows. Sounds a bit like book sales, and mine happen to reflect more of the lows than the highs. But I’m not too despondent because it can be fixed. I’ve just got to work out how, although I was told by way of a Facebook group that summer is not a good time for selling books. My week actually ended on a kind of ‘high’ though; I sold six books at our local, fun day dog show here on the small estate where we live. I was allowed to set my table up in the small marquis that was being used as a kind of shaded area, while all the stalls were scattered in the shade beneath the trees. I did nothing for the first hour, and then people began noticing me. It always nice to sell books of course, and sometimes you get some lovely conversations with people, but the nicest moment was when a young boy about thirteen or fourteen years of age came up and started browsing through my books. He asked if he could read the first page of one particular book and then said he would come back. And he did, with his mum. She told me he had developed a passion for reading, which I said was great to hear. I did ask if she was happy with the idea of me selling her son a book, bearing in mind that they might have been too adult for him. However, I did manage to persuade him to choose The Devil’s Trinity rather than The Boy from Berlin, the latter being more of a political novel. He was happy with that and paid for his book, leaving me with a big smile on my face.

As I mentioned last week, I’m at Littlehampton tomorrow (Monday) for an event as part of the Littlehampton Festival. I have decided to talk about my latest crime thriller, Where the Wicked Dwell, I have two, 5 star reviews for this — one on Amazon UK, the other in USA — although it has sold reasonably well with the help of some promotion, I still believe it is worth reading as a crime thriller, but I suppose all authors believe their books are worth reading, eh? Nevertheless, I will be promoting it on Amazon with BookAds too, having come to the conclusion that my current ad is not selling well despite having 20,000 impressions since June 23rd. It might be because the book, or the advert, isn’t appealing enough. This is when I wish I was a competent copy-writer; it might make a lot of difference.

My week began with a trip to the dentist. It ended in something of a disaster because she was unable to pull the bad tooth out. She gave up half-way through and decided to refer me to a specialist clinic. Thankfully she gave me antibiotics which have calmed the tooth down. I’m now waiting for an appointment to come through. I’ve just put up a temporary fence at the side of our house because we have a pigeon building a nest in our Wisteria bush. It happens to be fairly close to the bird feeder, and a place where our Cockappo, Tuppence, likes to go ferreting around in case the birds have dropped anything. The temporary fence will keep her away so she can’t annoy the pigeons (she likes barking at them too).

So, a fruitful end to the week with my print book sales at the fete, but less so with regard to my sales with BookAds. Maybe I’ll do better with the other book. Wish me luck!

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