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Re-engaging and living in hope.

Pat and I have just returned from a five week trip abroad which included two weeks with our son Stephen in Australia. Stephen took two years to build a house: two years of hard work, legal stuff, dilemmas and dramas, deadlines, and the need to work at his normal job as an Air Traffic Controller in the Royal Australian Air Force. Why am I telling you this? Because his dedication and doggedness meant that he achieved his dream, and it kind of inspires me to keep on working at what I perceive my dream to be. I won’t say ‘no matter how long it takes’ because I’m of an age where that phrase may not be appropriate. But no matter; my WIP will receive my constant attention, and to achieve that, I’m about to hang myself out to dry by posting extracts on my Newsletter. Some of you might say I’m daft, but I need someone to crack the whip, and maybe the thought of my subscribers waiting for another instalment will help.

I mentioned last week that I now have the rights back to my Romance, Past Imperfect. I asked one of my Chindi authors for some advice about where I might find an on-line publisher. She told me that she believed on-line publishers want to establish a relationship with their authors, and in view of the genre in which I write, they may not see any future in publishing me. I can understand that so will keep that in mind when I keep getting rejections. The other small dilemma I have is whether to use a pen name. I’m not really keen on the idea, but it’s something else I need to consider. I talked it over with Pat; she said I might have to become a romance writer if Past Imperfect started out-selling my other titles.

Tomorrow (Sunday 28th) I’m off to the UK Southern Book Show at Worthing (on the south coast). Events like these offer an opportunity to meet potential readers, let them get to know you and, hopefully, sell some books. This will be the second such show this year in Worthing. I sold a couple of books then, if I remember. It would be nice if someone came up to buy more of my books because of meeting me at that earlier event.

More irons in the fire? Yes; I’m going to resurrect my Instagram platform. It’s another avenue to pursue, but I need to exercise a measure of control over how much time I spend on Social Media rather than writing. I often feel that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat etc., go through popularity troughs, depending on the success, or lack of it, that they offer. So for me I’m going to try an Instagram kick, but just to be on the safe side, I’ll still use AMS and BookBub ads.

What’s next on the horizon? Well, Christmas will be upon us before we know it. I also have another book event to do, and also some legal business to deal with for our Chindi group. Something tells me that I’ll be arriving at 2019 with that New Year’s resolution all prepared. But it could simply be a repeat of what I promised myself at the beginning of this year. Oh, and back to that newsletter business: this is the link I’ll be sending to my subscribers. Wish me luck!

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