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A Bonza time

Today I’m starting off with our CHINDI Author of the Week, Rosemary Noble. Rosemary has written three excellent historical novels that begin with the transportation from England to Australia of a sixteen year old lass called Nora. Her follow up novel is about Jane, a tough pioneering woman of the nineteenth century in Australia. Her third is about Sadie who returns from Australia during the depression and subsequently through the Second World War. Rosemary has earned great reviews for her trilogy of historical novels that sell really well in Australia. The books can be read as stand-alone, but all three are stories to savour and enjoy. You can find Rosemary at

My week began with the realisation that there were three people in our marriage. I had to retune our DAB radio to Virgin because the DJ, Chris Evans began his new, broadcasting life there last Monday. It was my wife’s wish that we followed. And there was me thinking I was the only man in her life!

I am making pretty good progress with my pulp fiction thriller. I am 7000 words ahead of my daily target of 1000 words. Pat has asked if she could read it, so I’ve printed off the opening chapter to see if she really wants to continue. She understands that it usually takes me a year to write a book, so there will be obvious defects with this one. But I have to say I am having a lot of fun writing the story. Pulp fiction is exactly what it is, and one of the key things in a thriller is an element of extremism. I try not to justify certain scenes and actions, because in trying to do that, I would need a lot more research and counter arguments to events that might need some explanation. Then I would get myself bogged down with prose. So here I am, flying by the seat of my pants and having a great time.

My sales on Amazon are moving at a steady pace, most of which are of Roselli’s Gold; the book I am advertising ( I am picking up other sales too, which is a bonus. My ROI is rubbish, but I have to hold my nerve and push on.

On the domestic front. Pat goes for a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow which will be sent to London for analysis. Hopefully they will soon be able to start her treatment. Wish us luck!

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