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Head scratching time

I was hoping to let you have the Book Lab link today, but unfortunately James Blatch hasn’t sent it. He scheduled it for yesterday but he’s been on a cycling holiday in Mallorca, so I guess that’s the reason for the delay. Never mind; I should have it next week.

I met up with fellow CHINDI author, Paul Asling during the week. He is about to launch his second crime novel and wanted a couple of pointers. I have to admit that Paul could have given me some because his first London crime thriller, Love you till I die, has sold really well. Why not check it out? With 25 x five star reviews, it must be good. I read it last year as a beta reader for Paul, so I can vouch for its quality. And staying on the topic of quality writers, I want to bring another of our CHINDI group to you: Carol Thomas. Carol is our Chindi Author of the Week. She is a very talented writer and produces quality work. You can read about Carol and her latest book at

I am making progress with my WIP. I keep adding scenes that are moving the story closer to the denouement. I know I will have a problem rearranging the scenes and changing the plot line a little, but that’s the life of a writer. If I make significant headway, I could see it finished in four weeks. I’ll probably ask for some beta readers for this because I’m not sure my wife will be able to do her usual, and read through the MS for me. I’m sure she’ll try though.

I am currently reading The Dry by Jane Harper. It’s a debut crime thriller and has received excellent reviews. I am about a third of the way through and enjoying the book, but I don’t find myself rushing back to it, as good as it is. This is more than I can say about He said, She said by Erin Kelly. This is the book that Jennie Nash used to compare my prologue on Book Lab. My book, The Boy from Berlin, had 23 reviews, while Erin Kelly’s had 1600. Both books were released on Amazon at the same time. I really struggled with it and finally gave up less than half-way through. I tried, believe me, but it was like wading through treacle. I decided it must be me; 1600 people can’t be wrong.

On the domestic front, Pat’s problem is still defeating the specialists. Her consultant phoned during the week to say the X-ray and blood tests she had before Easter had failed to produce an answer. The next step is a PET scan. This should help them because they’ll be able to compare it to the PET scan Pat had in January. This time the radiologists will be looking at it and hoping to come up with an answer. Meanwhile we are trying to build Pat’s strength up by letting her do a little more around the house and garden. Already this week she has prepared three hanging baskets after a lengthy visit to our local garden centre. We stopped for lunch of course. Today we took the dog down to the beach and braved the high winds. It took a lot out of her, and she was quite knackered by the time we got back to the car, but at least she’s getting stronger.

Next on the agenda for me is a trip to the dentist next week: I have to have three teeth taken out. Not looking forward to it. Wish me luck!

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