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Is there a silver lining in there somewhere?

Saw the haematologist last Monday and he decided to suspend Pat’s chemo for another seven weeks so they can deal with her memory loss. He was happy with the blood test and X-Ray results which suggested that the cancer is fairly benign at the moment. That doesn’t mean it’s in remission, although we would like to think that, but it’s safe enough for a short referral to the neurological department. He said Pat’s ‘mini stroke’ should now be considered a ‘stroke’, which is why the suspension of treatment and referral can go ahead. We have a GP appointment on Wednesday for her because she needs a change with one of her tablets and a progress report for the benefit of the GP. Physically, Pat’s isn’t too bad, but could do with some weight on. I’m working on that!

On the book front, I find I’m the one to whom the term ‘flat lining’ could be applied: metaphorically speaking of course. I have given up the idea of writing anything for now and am trying (TRYING) to concentrate on learning more about the mysteries of Amazon advertising. It all looks good on paper and when the expert is explaining how to crack it, but a whole lot different when it comes to the bottom line of sales figures etc. But despite all that, I do have a smile on my face because of a phone call I received during the week.

Last month, our number three son, John, wrote to the Sun newspaper and the Daily Express about my latest book, No Time to Die. He was intrigued by the fact I happened to pick on the title of the next James Bond movie just a week before the film title was released. He received a reply from David Pilditch of the Express asking about me. He was intrigued too and called me during the week. We were on the phone for over an hour. He was really interested in me and my books, particularly my latest. We had a laugh about me suing the film company or them suing me. I reminded him that titles are not copyright, but it did give us both something to chuckle about. He asked if he could get a photo of me with the book and said he would send a photographer down to do that. I posted him a copy of the paperback the next day and now I can only wait and see what happens next. To use the old cliché about being ‘long in the tooth’, and many others I could think about, I know nothing might come of this, so I won’t get too excited; I might not even hear from Mr. Pilditch again, but it brought a smile to my face. And my boy John can dream of a bigger inheritance for a while.

The book promotion I was involved in this week resulted in the sale of two books. That’s probably two more of that title I would have sold. My efforts on Amazon ads have resulted in the sale of three books, which makes it a bit pointless really. But I know there are pretty good results from the right targeting etc., so I will continue to tweak and live in hope.

Nothing to do with books, but a look at how the car company, KIA, deal with their clients. My car went in for a service four weeks ago where they discovered an oil leak. The part was placed on order, which took two weeks. Took the car in, hoping to have it back within twenty four hours, but got a call to say they had the wrong oil seal. One week later I’m told that they can’t get the right oil seal so have decided to fit a new gearbox! Wow! A new oil seal would cost about £20, but a new gearbox? Not that I’m complaining, at least they are honouring KIA’s seven year warranty. Thank goodness. Perhaps I should let them handle my book problems. Wish me luck!

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