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There's rubbish in there too.

It’s been a fairly normal week with Pat, if I can call it normal. No dramas. Took her to the dentist on Tuesday for a scale and polish, and on Wednesday a trip to the doctor to talk about her blood pressure pill, which he told her to stop taking. It’s to see if she can get rid of the persistent cough she has. This was suggested by the haematologist. We’re now waiting for an appointment to see the neurologist. And on Monday Pat will be fitted with a heart monitor. Yesterday was a good day for her because our grand-daughter, Gemma came over with our great grandson, Orin. Gemma thought it might give me an opportunity to have some “me” time. Well, it hammered down in rain so I used the time to take some rubbish down the tip. Life never gets dull, do it?

On the book front I’m not pulling up any trees with my book sales, despite now advertising on It’s taken Amazon an inordinately long time to bring this about, but a lot of indie authors will be setting up accounts to start ads in this country. I have to admit that, despite saying I have given up the idea of writing for the foreseeable future, I did look at my sequel to HUNTED and added another thousand words. I have even come up with an idea, pretty spectacular too, to move the story arc up into a higher level. But — there’s always a but — I still need to knuckle down and get on the Amazon Ads course I signed up to with Bryan Cohen. This will need time, careful study and a great deal of head scratching. Goodness knows how I’m going to crack it; I can only hope I will see that light at the end of the tunnel pretty soon.

My reading now, having given up on Lesley Thomson, is a crime thriller by Mia Sheridan: Where the Blame Lies. I picked it at random out of Amazon’s top 100 crime novels. So far it looks worth all the five stars and good reviews it has received. My trouble though is that I am fairly slow reader because of all the other stuff that creeps in. Last night I watched an appalling England side get beat by the Czech Republic at football. I would have done better with my time either writing or reading rather than watching rubbish.

Talking of reviews; I received a lovely 4 star review for Hell’s Gate this week. You can make up your own mind. “A Good book. Very enjoyable. See author’s blurb for details.”

I still have a smile on my face though because David Pilditch of the Daily Express has emailed me to say he’s reading my book No Time to Die, he’s enjoying it and hopes to get something in the paper next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed although I do know that some unexpected, dramatic news could wipe me off the pages of the National Press. Like (for my UK readers) a spat between two WAGS (footballer’s wives) over who snitched on who and passed it on to the Sun newspaper. Took up about three pages in the Daily Mail!

I got my car back much to my relief. Walked in with the key to my loan car and walked out with my car keys: no payment, just a ‘thank you very much, sorry about the delay sir’. I love this KIA seven year warranty.

Next up for me is really much of the same thing. I’ll be emailing my subscribers about the fourth book in my back-list, The Eagle’s Covenant. Hopefully they’ll go out and buy it droves. Will they? Wish me luck!

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