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From major to minor

So that’s another week written off for me. Pat became ill on Tuesday and was admitted to the emergency ward at St. Richards. All her markers were rock bottom, and it took three transfusions, several saline drips and antibiotics to get her back to normal. The transfusions have to be irradiated, and consequently have to come down from London. Thankfully I have her home now, but she has to self-isolate for eleven days. This isn’t because she was diagnosed with the Corona virus, but she was tested as a precaution and consequently needs to complete the fourteen-day self-isolation. That means no visitors and no trips out. We had to cancel four appointments booked for next week, and now will be relying on a phone appointment with the haematologist for her pre-chemo check. The chemo is scheduled for next Monday and should go ahead. Poor Pat.

I managed to find a home for Tuppence while Pat was in hospital. I use a group called Barking Mad. Very efficient and reliable. I contacted them Tuesday evening and at 12.30 the following day they had found a home (a “Host” as they call the dog minders) for Tuppence and picked her up. I’ve used Barking Mad a few times before and am very happy with their service. Tuppence is due back on Tuesday. This gives me a chance to get out in the garden and spray some weed killer about.

Naturally my book world has taken a back seat, but I’m hoping to go to a meeting of our Chindi book group in ten days’ time. Just to be in a group of like-minded people, talking about the direction in which we think our Chindi group should go and maybe chatting about our books etc. will be like some kind of therapy for me.

I finished The Lonely Skier by Hammond Innes. He was a remarkable storyteller, although I must admit that the book seemed a little dated. I still enjoyed it. My next literary venture is Scott Mariani’s House of War. I’ll let you know how I got on with that next week. Bearing in mind that all football has been postponed in UK, it means I’ll have more time to sink my nose into a book in the evenings instead of watching the footie on my laptop.

Last Monday was the Self-Publishing Show Live at the South Bank in London, something I would have been attending if it hadn’t been for Pat’s illness. Judging from the Facebook responses, the show was brilliant, and the evening on the Dixie Queen river boat was a real hoot. They plan to have the show again next year and have even contemplated a two-day event. They just about managed to sneak in before the Corona virus ban was implemented. Hopefully, no-one who attended the event will have picked up the bug.

I’ve no idea how my week will go next week. I might be able to put pen to paper and write a few more words for my pulp fiction thriller. Or not. But my main focus is Pat and avoiding the virus. Wish me luck!

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