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How to keep busy without trying

It never rains but it pours. Poor Pat has been in the wars again. She has now just about lost the ability to stand under her own strength and consequently cannot walk without help. I was doing exactly that two days ago, trying to get her back into the house, when she collapsed on to her knees, even though I was holding her. She cut her ankle badly. I called 999 who responded very quickly. She was taken into hospital and released yesterday. It never rains but it pours.

Apart from looking after Pat this week, I’ve managed to do two major jobs: the fish tank and build a ramp. The fish tank was something that was needed, so I took the opportunity mid-week and gave them a good clean. I even introduced some colour into their dreary existence. After all; if me and Pat can’t have extra colour in our lives, why shouldn’t the fish? It took most of the day because of essential stops as the time went by mostly on Pat.

The next big job was to build a ramp up to the house. It was because I was struggling to get pat up our steps on Friday that she fell. So, on Saturday morning, while Pat was in hospital, I shot down to B&Q, bought some wood and spent the next eight hours cutting, sawing, drilling and painting. The hospital called to tell me Pat was ready to come home just as I was painting the last piece. I got the ramp assembled on the step ready for the big test. It worked, although it can’t be left in place. It is now dismantled and stowed conveniently for when I have to take Pat out of the house again.

My book world continues to be just above dormant. My BookBub ads have resulted in 12 sales of Roselli’s Gold so far. My Amazon campaign has achieved 11 sales. And to date I have been credited with about 850 page reads. All in all that would equate to a total of 26 books — one a day so far. I have a short promotion this weekend for A Dangerous Game, which I hope will bring me new readers. I am still managing to attract subscribers with my free book offer, but I’m seriously considering giving that up; just seems to be very little mileage in it for me. I get the odd review now and then, but nothing to write home about.

I finished reading Paul Asling’s crime thriller, The Carter’s Wars in West London. I enjoyed the book. It was what I would call a fun read. You can tell it was written by an ex London cabbie, but at least it gave it an essentially local flavour. Fans of London crime books should enjoy this, and I’m fairly confident Paul will sell a few and attract new readers. I hope so; it’s a tough old world out there in the crime business! You can learn more about Paul Asling and his books at

That’s it for this week. We have our granddaughter, Gemma coming over for lunch with our great grandson, Orin, and her brother, Adam. Gemma is bringing the meal over. She’s a Vegan, which means I have to help her save the world — just for today. Wish me luck!

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